FAQ in collaboration with Jim Mitrenga

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  1. How do I copy a CD or a DVD with Burn4Free?
    CDs and DVDs cannot be copied with Burn4Free at this time. This function will probably be implemented in future releases of the program.
    To copy CD, DVD and Blu Ray download this ALTERNATIVE.

  2. I'm having problems burning an audio CD with Burn4Free. What could be wrong?
    - Burn4Free supports a variety of audio formats that can be used to burn an audio CD. Only the following valid formats can be added to an audio compilation: mp3, wma, wav, or ogg.
    - If you are ready to burn an audio CD, and the "Burn Audio" button is still gray, the compilation probably contains items that are not recognized by Burn4Free as valid audio files. Those files must be removed from the compilation before an audio CD can be burned. If it is not obvious which item is causing the problem, try adding the files one at a time. The "Burn Audio" button will turn gray following the addition of an unrecognized file.
    - Your burner might not support Track at Once (TAO) write method. Try selecting Disk at Once (DAO) in Preferences/Audio-CD Writer Settings/Write Method.
    - Drag and drop from an Audio CD is not supported at this time.
    -If Burn4Free return this error : "there is not enough space in temporary WAV folder to expand this audio file", please make more free space in your Hard Disk (at least 700 MB) or change the "Temporary WAV files path" (in preferences - AUDIO - CD Writer settings) to another hard disk partition with sufficent disk space.

  3. Burn4Free doesn't work correctly with my burner. Is my burner not being recognized by the program?
    Most modern burners are recognized by and are compatible with Burn4Free. A conflict with ASPI may exist. Try the following:

    - Uncheck "Use Internal ASPI First" under Preferences/General. Exit, then re-open Burn4Free.

    - Burn4Free requires a right installed set of ASPI drivers, the best two for me are ForceAspi (prevent also no-Administrator login problem) or Frog Aspi FOR 2000/NT/XP/VISTA/7 users (HERE)

    Force ASPI:

    Download Force ASPI from of these sites:

    (Some people find that these drivers offer better compatibility than newer versions V1.8)



    or try to search with Google


    As with any other files you download, be sure to scan for viruses before running them.

    To Install ForceAspi:

    -Create a new folder called "FORCEASPI"
    -Unzip downloaded file in this directory. In some case, this will unzip the files into a new folder called frcASPI17.
    -Double click the file called DUMPASPI.BAT (This will back up your current ASPI configuration).
    -Double click INSTASPI.BAT file, which should install this set of aspi drivers.
    -Restart Windows.
    -If there are any problems, you may change your system back double cliccking RESTASPI.BAT.

    - Upgrade the burner's firmware.

  4. Why can't I access (eg: through Explorer) a CD created with Burn4Free?
    Burn4Free might have locked your recorder. To access your CD, simply exit Burn4Free.

  5. Will Burn4Free interfere with any other burning software that is installed on my computer?
    NO. Burn4Free does not overwrite other settings or applications.

  6. What does the "Import Session" button do?
    Burn4Free supports multi-session CD burning. A multi-session CD is a data CD to which data is added in more than one session. The "Import Session" button is used to import previous CD sessions if the CD has not been previously closed. Remember to uncheck "Close Disc" if you want to add other files to the CD in the future.

  7. How to remove Burn4free from right click context menu?
    -click START
    -click Programs
    -click Accessories
    -click Command Prompt
    -write "cd\" and press enter
    -write "cd c:\windows\system32" and press enter
    -write "regsvr32 /u b4fm.dll" and press enter
    -reboot your system

Note : Using Burn4Free to make copies of copyrighted material may be illegal. Burn4Free does not encourage or condone the illegal copying of copyrighted material.