How to rip a DVD disc to MP4 with a MAC

Would you enjoy watching your favourite DVDs in MP4 format on your smartphone or Mac?

Thanks to this step-by-step guide, in a few simple steps you will be able to rip your DVD disc and convert it into MP4 format (or dozens of other formats) using your Mac.

The quality of the ripped video will be very high. Moreover, with this guide you can do a backup of all your DVDs to not ruin them.

4Videosoft DVD Ripper for Mac Guide

Download and install the appropriate software

Thanks to this very simple guide and using 4Videosoft DVD ripper software for Mac, you can convert your DVDs into video files for any device.

Click the button below to download the free installer program of 4Videosoft DVD ripper for Mac.
Step 1. Run the file “4videosoft-dvd-ripper-for-mac.dmg”

Step 2. A message will appear saying that "4videosoft DVD Ripper for Mac" is an application downloaded from the internet.

Step 3. Press "Open" to proceed.

Step 4. Drag the icon "4videosoft DVD Ripper for Mac" to your Applications folder. After a while, you will be ready to use this powerful DVD ripper for Mac.

Now, you just have to run the program and follow the guide hereunder.

Select source

4Videosoft DVD Ripper for Mac main window
Main screen

- Open the program 4Videosoft DVD Ripper for Mac
- Select “Load Disc”
4Videosoft DVD Ripper for Mac select source
Select source

- If you want to load a DVD, insert it in the DVD player and select "Load DVD Disc"
- If the DVD content is on your Hard Disk, select the directory where it is contained by pressing "Load DVD Folder".
- If you have IFO files, upload them selecting "Load IFO Files"

Select items to Rip and destination folder

DVD analysis
DVD analysis

Before you can select the tracks, the DVD will be analysed.
4Videosoft DVD Ripper track selection
Select the tracks to convert

Then you will be able to select the track you want and convert it into MP4 H264.
All tracks will be selected by default, which will allow you to convert the whole DVD into MP4.
DVD internal Player
DVD disc internal Player

If you wish, you can preview the video using the internal video player located on your right.

Select video profile

Ripper for Mac Video encoding options
Video encoding options
Next to the word "Profile", you can select various formats for your output video.

All the most popular types of video files, MP4, as well as MKV, AVI, MOV etc. are supported.

It is also possible to create specific files for the web (e.g. YouTube) or for a particular device (IPhone, Android but also Xbox and PS4).

If you are interested only in the audio, you can also create an MP3 audio file starting from your DVD!
4Videosoft DVD Ripper for Mac example of IPhone enocode settings
IPhone encoding options

If you have an IPhone, you can for example select ad hoc profiles for your phone.

You just have to select the exact model of your IPhone and the quality of the video (you may want a video that takes up little space or a video with less resolution, for example).

Advanced Video Profile Settings

DVD Ripper - MP4 (H264) profile settings
MP4 (H264) settings

Pushing the button "Settings", you can access the advanced window to select video settings and 3D settings.

For the video settings, many options allow you to create a video file according to your specific needs. For example, you may want a video file with a very high quality audio or a very small MP4 video file size.
Settings of 3D DVD ripper profile
Settings of 3D DVD ripper profile

For the 3D settings, the various options allow you to create your MP4 video file to use on your 3D TV.

Advanced functions

The button "Clip" allows you to cut the output MP4 video.

Pressing the button "3D", you can select the 3D options of the video.

The button "Edit" allows you to set different video features.

The menu "Audio Track" allows you to select the audio language of the MP4 file.

The menu "Subtitle" allows you to select the presence of subtitles.
Cut and merge the output video, for example, to not convert the titles of a film or some unwanted parts.
Select the most suitable 3D conversion typology for your TV.
Edit - Crop
You can crop the video to not display the annoying black edges, for example.
Edit - Effect
Brightness, contrast, saturation and Hue will no longer be a problem. If the DVD has the annoying effect of "interlacing", you can deinterlace it.
Edit - Watermark
Mark the outgoing video with your own image or text in transparency
Edit - Audio Volume
Set the output volume of the video.
Main window - Select Audio Track
Select the language of your video and the presence or absence of AC3 Dolby etc.
Main window - Select Subtitle
Select the presence or absence of subtitles and their language.

Ripping DVD disc to MP4

DVD ripping in progress
DVD decrypting and ripping in progress
After setting all the options, you just have to press the button "Convert" to decrypt and convert your DVD disc into a MP4 file.
The process will take a few minutes depending on the power of your MAC.

4Videosoft DVD Ripper for Mac is fully compatible with all versions of OSX above v.10.5. and with the latest versions of MacOS Sierra and MacOS High Sierra.

Remember: you can download for free this amazing ripping software for your MAC by pressing the button below.